Concerned About A Hernia?

Millions of people, mostly men, have abdominal hernias. As much as 10% of the population develops some type of hernia during their life. Hernia repair is one of the most common types of surgery in the United States. At one time, a hernia operation was a major procedure. Now, many hernias are repaired using laparoscopy. This is a technique where instruments are inserted into the abdomen through several small incisions or cuts. Recovery is often quick without complications.


Hernia Symptoms

The symptoms listed below are symptoms that may accompany different hernia types. Each individual may experience different symptoms primarily depending on the type of hernia and the individuals' physical health and wellness. Only a doctor can properly diagnose your signs and symptoms as to whether or not they are indeed hernia related.

  • Swelling or bulge beneath abdominal skin (may disappear when lying down)
  • Pain or discomfort in the area of the bulge or the entire abdomen